June 1st Mega auction - Jewelry, Coins, & Collectibles

Absentee / Pre-Bidding: Open Now. Register and Start Bidding. Live Auction Webcast (Live Real-Time Auction Event): Begins at 1:00pm Eastern on Saturday, June 1st, 2024.

Step into a world where the finest treasures are won, not bought. The June 1st MEGA Auction invites daring bidders to claim their piece of history with an exceptional assortment of items. Dive into a collection that includes spectacular comics, lustrous fine jewelry, stunning estate pieces, exquisite coins, and an array of collectible gems.

Fortune favors the bold! Join us for a golden opportunity to acquire unique and coveted items. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a curious newcomer, this sale promises a thrilling adventure and the chance to unearth past treasures. Be bold, and make these luxuries your own!

All bidding starts at only $10.00! Register & bid now on 410+ lots: Even more Fine Gold Jewelry, Comic Books, Gold Coins galore! Sports cards and collectibles, Gold and Silver Bullion, Precious loose gemstones, Diamonds, Fashion Jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry, More Coins, Antiques, Watches & Clocks, Sterling Silver, Estate Costume Jewelry, Collectibles, Original Art, Art Prints, Statuary, Pottery, & Estate Collectibles.