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.925 FRANKLIN MINT WORLD’S HISTORIC SEALS 27 W COA Franklin Mint The World’s Great Historic Seals in sterling silver with Certificate of Authenticity to include The Magna Carta, Treaty of Troyes, Golden bull of 1356, Peaceof Pressburg, Treaty of Paris, Charter of Privileges For The Knights of St. John, Emancipation Proclamation, Act of Abjuration, Peace of Utrecht, Edict of Nantes, Edict of Worms, Treaty of The Field of Cloth of Gold, Charter of Privileges, Commission to Sir Francis Drake, March 15, 1587, Establishment of The State of Israel, Treaty of Versailles, The King’s Testament, Death Warrant of Charles I, Abdication, Treaty of Northampton, Religious Peace of Augsburg, Treaty of Louviers, The Golden Bull of Rimini, Queen Isabella’s Testament, First Partition of Poland, Treaty of Portsmouth, and Treaty With Spain. Each coin weighs approx. 5.31 grams